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So you’ve stumbled across this page and might be wondering, who are these two? Or you’ve come here from our Instagram and already know a bit about us. Either way, let me take a moment to introduce ourselves! We are Olivia & Josh, from Perth, Western Australia. We get married in strange places (5 weddings and counting), live out of our suitcases and LOVE experiencing all that life has to offer!

We love to be spontaneous, go on adventures, hang around nature & mingle with like minded people. We started this blog as we wanted to share our stories and inspire others to follow their hearts desires and live their life the way they choose. True love is real and we are here to show you! Here we share our travel tips, Burning Man info, our top destinations to visit, festivals we attend and anything else we think is valuable to you guys.

Tomorrowland 2015 Wedding
Our Tomorrowland Wedding, 2015 (Wedding number one)

A little bit of our story. After meeting through my work in 2012 (Josh was one of my customers), we knew each other professionally for a year before a chance meeting in late 2013 on an island off the coast of WA. That’s where our love story began! Our first spontaneous wedding was at Tomorrowland, 2015 after being engaged for only a week (whoops!). That’s right- we were the first couple ever to get married at Tomorrowland! It was not planned and just shows how much we can go with the flow. It has never let us down just following our hearts.

Hout Bay Cape Town South Africa
Hout Bay Cape Town South Africa

We have been married for 3 and a half years and when we got together we created a bucket list of all the things we wanted to see and do before we settled down and had a family. That initial bucket list was in 2015 and included the likes of Burning Man, Tomorrowland, Disneyland and travels through Europe, USA & Asia. After our spontaneous wedding and ticking all these items off our bucket list in 2015, our plan was to then settle down and make little versions of us. Well, safe to say we had enjoyed our adventures so much that we put our family making on hold for another few years for a life being digital nomads instead! We have not once regretted that decision.

Burning Man Wedding 2015
Our Burning Man Wedding, 2015

In May 2017, we sold all our belongings, moved out of our apartment and started living out of our suitcases. We made our dream of travel our reality. Since then, we have travelled around Asia, Australia, Europe, USA & South Africa. We have become avid burners and head home to Black Rock City annually. So here we are, ready to share our lives with you all, hopefully inspiring you to do what you love and live your dreams! So stick around if you’re keen to follow our adventures on this journey called life.

Watch our Burning Man Wedding Video– get the tissues ready!

Olivia and Josh



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