Our Mission

Our Mission The Soulmate Connection

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We believe in community. We want to create a world of love, compassion and connection. We believe that by sharing our stories, being authentic and engaging with you, we can change the world! We are here to share our life, what we have learnt over the years in hopes we can help and inspire you to chase your dreams and be the best version of you.

We vow to be authentic and real, sharing both our successes and our struggles. Life is one big rollercoaster and we are here to experience it all- the ups and the downs.

We believe in living in harmony with nature as much as possible. We fuel our bodies with plants, respect nature and live as eco friendly as possible. We raise awareness towards such causes like the harmful effects of single-use plastics, conscious travel & veganism. We envision a brighter and greener future with more renewable energy sources, biodegradable packaging and a more conscious planet. We believe we must be the change we wish to see in this world, so by standing by our core beliefs and sharing them with you all, we can begin to make positive and lasting change for our planet.

We as humans are all linked. Just like the one tree has it’s own branches, roots & leaves but is also a collective and part of the billions of trees worldwide, we too are individuals but share the same universal consciousness. We believe in supporting each other to create a conscious community of love, support and happiness. Because we believe in people, we believe in fair trade, being conscious consumers & helping each other out when we can. We see a bright future of people coming together to create global movements of connection, love & support.

We believe we are equal to animals and that they deserve to be free just like us. We don’t believe in participating in harmful tourism activities that exploit animals or our planet. We love animals and will do our best to support movements that free them from harm. We believe in love, compassion and freedom for all of earths unique creatures.


Will you join us for the ride? Learn more about us and our love story here.