Who We Are

“I am from Perth, Western Australia. I have a passion for adventure, mother earth and self growth. I believe the more we give, the more we get. I always choose love and going with my intuition. I believe in love, connection and authenticity. We are meant to live our wildest dreams if we believe in ourselves to make it happen. My journey of self awakening and trusting in my gut feeling over five years ago gave me the strength to leave a toxic relationship, allowing me to fly and be myself for the first time in years. Shortly after, I met my soulmate Josh. “

Olivia cape town south africa boulders beach

“I am from Darwin, Northern Territory in Australia. I am an outgoing entrepreneur with a desire to see the world. I flew to Perth for a holiday to visit my best mate in 2009 and Perth felt like home. I moved there two weeks later. Little did I know that needing a satellite quote for my ATMs business would put me in touch with my soulmate. We had an instant connection and I even spoke about one day travelling the world with my own kids. We are now right on the way to making this dream come true!”

Josh Pompeii italy

Together we are Olivia & Josh, The Soulmate Connection ???? We decided to sell all our belongings for a life living wild and free. We wanted to experience the unknown, get out of our comfort zone and become the best versions of ourselves, together. We are here to share our journey with you and show you that anything is possible if you put your mind to it! Follow us for heartfelt stories, life advice, travel tips, festival planning (especially Burning Man) & more! 

All you need is LOVE
You can read more about us and our love story here! <3
Olivia and Josh the soulmate connection