Guide to Cascate del Mulino in saturnia tuscany

These dreamy hot springs with sparkling turquoise waters were a magical experience! Naturally formed and heated from the nearby Monte Amiata Volcano (located 40km away), the water stays at a warm 37°C (98.6°F) all year round. It was totally worth a visit given that they are completely free and so healing for your skin! Here is our guide for enjoying these amazing springs.

Cascade del mulino
Cascate del Mulino

Some things to note before you go!

  • If you want to enjoy a peaceful swim, aim to get there before 9am! A bus drops people off from 9am so it gets super busy after then
  • The springs are completely free and open 24/7!
  • The springs contain sulphur, carbon, minerals and thermal plankton. The thermal plankton look like red wiggly worms. Don’t worry they don’t harm you bur some people may not like them.
  • The water has a slight sulfur smell (kind of like rotten eggs) but no need to worry- the springs are essentially scentless! They may leave your bathers with a light sulfur smell after (even if you wash them several times!)
  • The properties and minerals in the water make it excellent for your skin, digestion and circulation so it has some real health benefits swimming here
  • There are no public toilets or showers here (that we could see) so go before you get here and get dressed before you come


Cascate del Mulino selfie terme di saturnia
A fun selfie at the hot springs

The official name of these particular hot springs is Cascate del Mulino and the address is . If you just type in Terme Di Saturnia you may have trouble finding them as this will take you to the area, not directly to these springs as Saturnia actually refers to a collection of hot springs in Tuscany. You will find free parking at the end of the road on the right, just before the hot springs. Do not park on the road as you may get a ticket.

Getting there from Rome:

The best way to get to these springs is to hire a car- this is what we did. We drove from Rome which was about a 2 hour drive. There are some tolls along the way so expect to also factor in the cost of these tolls which is about 10 Euros each way.

You’ll drive past the stunning view below- I’d highly recommend stopping to take it all in and snap a photo. So breathtaking!

Terme Di Saturnia in Tuscany
Cascate del Mulino Terme Di Saturnia in Tuscany


Some essentials to pack to ensure you enjoy your time at the hot springs!

  • Towels
  • Bathers- easiest to come wearing it as there isn’t anywhere suitable to get dressed
  • Flip flops or water shoes to wear in the water if you have sensitive feet as the base is quite rocky
  • Waterproof camera so you can capture some memories
  • Flashlight if you’re going in the dark as there is no lighting there
  • Leave anything valuable behind or locked in your car. While it seemed safe you can never be too careful
saturnia busy after 9am
Saturnia busy after 9am

Pitigliano, Tuscany

Besides exploring the medieval town of Saturnia, there are some nice nearby towns you can explore. One of the closest and most interesting towns was Pitigliano. We enjoyed a stroll through the streets and a coffee here before heading off to explore Tuscany some more.

Pitigliano Tuscany
Pitigliano Tuscany
Pitigliano streets tuscany italy
Pitigliano streets tuscany italy

Bolsena, Tuscany

This gorgeous town is situated on a lake about an hour from Saturnia so a great option if you are driving back to Rome or staying in Tuscany. The city is really quaint and a perfect spot to grab a bite to eat.

Bolsena Tuscany Italy
Bolsena Tuscany Italy

The Moai in Vitorchiano

About an hour and 20 minutes south east of Saturnia (great if you are driving back to Rome you can visit on the way) you will find a statue a long way from home. That’s right this is a real statue from Easter Island, situated in the small town of Vitorchiano Italy!

Statua MOAI Vitorchiano,
Statua MOAI Vitorchiano,

We hope you enjoy your day trip to Saturnia hot springs!

Have you been to these hot springs? Are they on your bucket list? Let us know in the comments!

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